The Self Love Meditation CD

The Self Love Meditation CD

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Each meditation includes a powerful-guided visualization, a daring act of self-love, and a unique Love Mantra to assist you in giving yourself the exact kind of love you need from self-compassion to self-care to self-empowerment and more.

Based on the best-selling book, Madly in Love with ME, 
and the international self-love program, The Love Club, by Christine Arylo. 
Mantras and music by internationally 
acclaimed singer and songwriter Karen Drucker.

Turn off the inside world and tune into the kind of self-love you need from yourself:

  1. Self Acceptance
  2. Self Awareness
  3. Self Care
  4. Self Compassion
  5. Self Empowerment
  6. Self Pleasure
  7. Self Esteem
  8. Self Expression
  9. Self Respect
  10. Self Trust
  11. Self Worth

Plus Bonus Tracks: I am Gentle with Myself & I am Loved by Karen Drucker

“Sometimes you just need to plug into the vibration that opens your heart, connects you to yourself, and allows you to access your divine wisdom. I’ve made these meditations to guide and support you to do just that.”

If you want to listen through iTunes, you can do so here. You can also listen on Spotify here.