NATIVE SPIRIT: Integrate. Align
NATIVE SPIRIT: Integrate. Align

NATIVE SPIRIT: Integrate. Align

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Our Intention with this Native Spirit blend is to call you back to your native spirit and those parts of you that are whole and untamed, and that remember the truth of who you are, in your heart and soul core. 

Work with this blend to connect the inner wise woman, magical child and wild woman within you. 

The wise woman self who knows.
The magical child who believes in possibility purity and magic.
The wild woman self who dances freely to her drum beat, liberated, she is truly free.

This blend is about integrating and aligning your native spirit - the parts never indoctrinated into the imprints of the over-culture. This blend brings you back to being deeply rooted to your true soul essence.

How to Use this Blend:

  • In your daily morning practice - to align and integrate with all the parts of you - use in your self-massage, before you begin yoga or meditation practice to REMEMBER yourself. 
  • On the new and full moons - to align with your native spirit to guide your focuses and choices for that cycle. Or to expand into a more free expression of yourself.
  • In ritual when you need to connect more deeply with your soul and true nature 
  • In practice when you desire to be deeply guided and connected by your soul and true nature

Blessings from this Oil:

I am supported
I am connected
I am integrated and aligned
I am divinely guided
I am wise, magical and strong

The blend is made by our very own master alchemist, Gemma Becerra who is so skilled and intentional with the blends she creates and the oils she uses. She only uses pure, high quality oils, and prefers to find them direct from distillers/growers wherever they grow best in the world. Many of her oils are rare, or only have a small amount distilled each year...which makes these oils extremely potent.


  • Angelica Root, Wild (India)
  • Chamomile, German, Wild (India)
  • Frankincense, Wild (Somalia)
  • Geranium Bourbon, Organic (South Africa)
  • Hyssop, Wild (Spain)
  • Lavender, Organic (Bulgaria)
  • Lemon, Organic (Italy-Pressed)
  • Myrrh, Wild (Somalia)
  • Neroli, True (Tunisia)
  • Orange, Sweet, Organic (USA-Pressed)
  • Rose Otto, Organic (Turkey)
  • Rosewood, Wild (Brazil)
  • Sage, Wild (Greece)
  • Sandalwood, Wild (Mysore)
  • Spruce, Eastern Hemlock, Wild (Canada)
  • Ylang Ylang Extra, Organic (Madagascar)


Includes: One 5ml Bottle + the essence of the wild, magical and wise woman!   

May YOU feel nourished, aligned and integrated as you use this blend in your daily life!