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The Intention for the Harmonize Blend is truly just that, to bring you and your life deeply into harmony. Work with this oil to calm your nervous system, especially in those times when you feel off center or turned around, or you when need an energetic reset, to calm your nervous system down. 

Imagine that you - and all your bodies - are like an instrument, who is influenced by the harmonies being played around it. So much energy out there can seep into your energetic system and affect your nervous system in a way that can make you feel like a cacophony is playing through you vs. strings attuned to flow, harmony and peace. Work with this blend to bring yourself back to your center - to HARMONIZE your energy field, and your nervous system. 100% Frankincense, you can use it pure or blended with a carrier oil, based on what supports your body. Its calming effect allows your whole system to come back into harmony like a well tuned instrument.

This blend is a great preventative care blend especially around restful sleep.

How to Use this Blend:

  • Morning Practice to Reset and Harmonize Your System:  Blend with oil in your self-massage practice and rub it on your spine, or the back of your neck where you skull meets the spine, to start your day by harmonizing to your center channel.
  • To Re-harmonize when you feel like you're getting frazzled and tweaked out - Do alternate nostril breathing. Rub oils on the hands or hold bottle up to the nose. Breathe in the left nostril with oil, exhale in right nostril. Switch nostrils. Then breathe in both nostrils with the oil. Exhale out of the mouth. 
  • Evening Downshifting Practice - In bed, have someone rub oil on your spine up and down gentle but firm. Remember to choose the level of oil to carrier oil right for you. If there isn't someone to do the spine rub, lay on your side or tummy and rub it in spirals on your sacrum. Then rub on the bottoms of the feet for good nights rest.   

The Blessing of this Oil: 

I am grounded
I am met
I am safe
I am connected
I am in Harmony 
I am just doing my part 

The blend is made by our very own master alchemist, Gemma Becerra who is so skilled and intentional with the blends she creates and the oils she uses. She only uses pure, high quality oils, and prefers to find them direct from distillers/growers wherever they grow best in the world. Many of her oils are rare, or only have a small amount distilled each year...which makes these oils extremely potent.


  • 100% Frankincense, Wild (Somalia)


Includes: One 5ml Bottle + the blessings and intentions of Harmony  

May YOU feel peace and unity deeply within yourself, as all of your systems settle.