Feminine Wisdom Way Journal Cover
Feminine Wisdom Way Blank Journal

Feminine Wisdom Way Blank Journal

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A blank unlined journal infused with Feminine Wisdom Way energy that is ripe and ready to become your Wisdom Journal for the year. For women participating in the Feminine Wisdom Way, this is where you can moodle and journal.

It's where you ca make and take notes during the year from our sessions, putting in here things you want to always remember no matter what year it is.

We don't put a year on this journal so that you can use it for multiple years to be the one place you put the wisdom bites and guidance you want to remember over the years. Vs. having many journals you have to dig through. This is a place you can come back to year after year, to remember and reflect. 


150 Pages
Blank Inside 
Spiral Bound
Color front and back cover
Back cover has the 8 feminine super power days of the year