Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It
Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It
Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It
Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It
Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It

Companion Journal For Overwhelmed and Over It

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I am Centered, Sustained & Supported is the companion journal for the book Overwhelmed and Over It! written by Christine Arylo.  

I created this wisdom journal for this book because I wanted readers to have the most potential to experience lasting transformation and shift – in your day to day life and in your bigger life choices.

It includes all of the inquiries, exercises, and processes in the book, so you have a place to make what you are learning personal and practical for you. 

When I set out to write Overwhelmed and Over It the mission was very clear:

Write a book that really can guide you out of self-sacrifice, burnout and overwhelm, not just give you more self-care tips and stress & time management strategies to survive in systems that were not created for you to thrive. AND to write the book in a way that didn’t overwhelm you. But empowered you to make changes and choices in both your day to day life, rhythm and focus and your bigger life design.

Creating this journal was part of meeting that mission – to support you to receive the most from the wisdom, insights, practices and processes in the book. 

This wisdom journal is the place you can:

  • Write your thoughts and reflections as you answer the “Know Yourself” self-awareness inquiries and take the self-assessments in the chapters.

  • Record the wisdom that strikes a chord as you read.

  • Do the Daring Acts of Liberation at the end of each of the five sections.

  • Experience the power of visual thinking and intentional creativity to release old self-sacrificing and invincible super woman imprints and embrace new, more natural self-sustaining imprints that empower you to RECEIVE what you need.

When you write in your handwriting and see your words with your eyes, change happens differently in your brain, heart, psyche, and body — it is the power of visual thinking.

 I created this wisdom journal so you would have all the inquiries and processes included in the book in one place.

The illustrations and glyphs you see were by created by visual thinking illustrator Katherine Torrini for the book and the Feminine Wisdom Way wisdom school.

I also added some additional super power with what I call “heart art” at the end of each section that I illustrated and created for you.

You’ll find that this journal matches the book. Use them together as you read.

Note: This journal is not a stand alone journal. It is meant to be used with the book. So purchase both. It's also a great addition if you have the audio or kindle version so that you have something physical to work with.

Journal Specs:

  • 8 1/2 x 11 (approx)
  • Double sided 
  • 198 pages 
  • Color cover. Black & White Inside (see images for sample pages)